About the OTHC Leaders Program

Tysean Canada

The Our Time Has Come (OTHC) Leaders program creates unique possibilities for first-generation and underrepresented students at Syracuse University.

In 1987, the Office of Multicultural Advancement launched the first Our Time Has Come (OTHC) Scholarship Campaign and $1 million to establish endowed scholarships, primarily for underrepresented students. Through the generosity of alumni, friends, founda­tions, and corporations, seven endowed scholar­ships were established. Since the initial scholarship was established, there has been a growth of over 50 named OTHC Scholarships.  As the scholarship awards grew there was a growing need to support for the underrepresented students in their career development and goals. As a result, in 2017 Our Time Has Come Leadership Program was created as an effort to augment the financial support provided by the scholarship program, the OTHC Leadership Program provided monthly professional development programming to help students prepare for adulthood and the working world.  Because of the success of the OTHC Leadership Program and interest from students who were not financially eligible for the OTHC Scholarships the program was expanded in the spring of 2021, allowing for more students to gain a network of peers and alumni to support them in their success and career goals.

The Our Time Has Come (OTHC) Leadership Program provides an opportunity for underrepresented students to participate in a leadership development program which provides guidance in universal skill-building by engaging with a community of alumni with similar backgrounds, experiences, and challenges as the scholars. These additional areas enhance the academic experience and are imperative to retention, graduation, and post-graduation success.

The goal of the OTHC Leadership Program is to support students’ professional and career development. The skills gained from the leadership program prepare students for success in the workplace and their career journey. The program assists students in developing a solid network of supporters, mentors, and advisors while receiving valuable information to ensure their success and advancement in their careers. These roles are held by Syracuse University alumni and OTHC partners.

Students are accepted into the program through an application process and are called OTHC Leaders. An additional/separate application is available for students who are eligible  for the OTHC Scholarships.

Students accepted into the program are required to participate in activities that have been proven to increase persistence toward a degree and success at the university, as well as increased positive outcomes post-graduation.

As part of the OTHC Leaders Program students receive the following:

  • Individualized Counseling and Advising
  • OTHC Welcome/Induction Reception
  • OTHC Community Meetings
  • OTHC Leadership Seminars
  • Conversations with Alumni
  • Corporate Immersions
  • Mentorship