SUMA Launches Survey on OTHC Impact

OTHC Impact Survey

The Our Time Has Come Scholarship program assists underrepresented students in achieving their college education through financial support, leadership development training and mentorship opportunities. While the Syracuse University Office of Multicultural Advancement (SUMA) surveys graduating OTHC scholars and leaders each year about their experiences, SUMA is launching a major survey of all OTHC alumni to better assess the impact of their OTHC experience on their ongoing career success.

“Our students have a 100-percent graduation rate and high average GPA. We’re looking beyond that to try and quantify the leadership development and mentorship component of the program—how what students learned from alumni mentors and speakers and the connectivity we provide has helped them in terms of internships, entry-level jobs, and into their careers,” says Rachel Vassel ’91, G’21, associate vice president of multicultural advancement.

The survey, created in conjunction with the Syracuse University Office of Institutional Research, is intended to both inform future programming as well as to measure program impact. “Our goal is to have more information to share with OTHC volunteers, donors and potential donors about what we’re doing and why it’s important to continue to support the program,” she says.

OTHC alumni will receive the survey via email in October. “We thank our former Scholars in advance for their thoughtful and honest feedback about their experiences and its impact on their careers,” says Vassel.

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