Corporate Partnership

Corporate Partnership Opportunity with Syracuse University's Office of Multicultural Advancement

Engage, Empower, and Evolve: Building Bridges Between Brands and Our Vibrant Student Community

In the heart of Syracuse University lies a rich tapestry of diverse cultures, ideas, and dreams at the Office of Multicultural Advancement. We proudly champion a thriving alumni and student communities deeply involved in community engagement, ensuring that our campus and surrounding areas benefit from our collective efforts. As we amplify our commitment to diversity and inclusion, we call on forward-thinking brands to join us on this journey.

Why Join Forces with Us?

  1. Deep Community Engagement: Our students aren't just academically inclined; they're passionately involved in community activities, initiatives, and outreach. Aligning your brand with us offers an opportunity to engage with college-educated individuals deeply rooted in societal betterment.
  2. Demonstrate Your Commitment: By partnering with our Office of Multicultural Advancement, your brand broadcasts a clear message: you value diversity and stand with initiatives that uplift every individual, regardless of background.
  3. Maximized Brand Exposure: Through our community events, initiatives, and digital outreach, your brand gains unprecedented access to our student population and alumni and donor who supports them. This means complete visibility and engagement, from event sponsorships to digital collaborations.
  4. Talent & Future Leaders: Our students are the leaders of tomorrow, and your early engagement could translate to future opportunities, and be it in terms of employment, brand ambassadors, or innovation.

Ideal Partners Are Those Who:

  • Recognize and celebrate the richness of diversity and its significance in our world today.
  • Seek to deeply engage with a community-focused, educated, diverse consumer base.
  • Aim to be catalysts of change, supporting and fostering opportunities for our students through scholarships, internships, mentorships, and more.

Our Sponsors: Past and Present

  • Wegmans
  • Nike
  • National Grid
  • Epiphany Blue
  • Galaxy Media
  • Vincent Cohen, Jr.
  • Cricket Wireless

Let's Collaborate

We welcome brands to become part of our vision at Syracuse University's Office of Multicultural Advancement. Together, we can shape a more inclusive, engaged, and empowered world.

For partnership opportunities and detailed discussions, please contact Rachel Vassel.